Data Storage and Data Carrier

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Manage and control energy meters and other devices within its network through self-discovery and self-healing feature. It acts as a platform between GSM/GPRS and Zigbee hybrid networks. Its significantly huge memory space enables long periods of critical data storage along with our data fail-safe mechanism.

TM’s DS&DC ability to poll the meters / other devices data sort and stored in the memory. TM’s DS&DC functions as a multipoint in a point –to-multipoint data collection and solution and is easy to integrate with existing solutions, as it supports variety of standard protocols and software packages, thus making it a component of essential significance in AMI ( Advanced Metering Infrastructure).

By means of such storage device it is possible to perform a reliable release of the data carrier from the storage device due to the possibility of accessing the rim of the data carrier in a more reliable and easy manner. The locking means will not provide any partly locking malfunction as they do not comprise any elements, where the function of these rely on the function of other similar elements. Since there are no mutually dependent release and ejector elements which requires a significant accuracy in the manufacturing process the storage device according i:o the invention does beside the above mentioned improved functionality provide a storage device which is simple from a manufacturing point of view. This also provides for more cost-effective manufacturing as the wear of the moulds may be within larger tolerances.