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Meter Reader is an very smart embedded device supporting GSM / GPRS / CMDA technologies. ARG18 reads data by using proprietary/standard/international protocols from energy/water meters. The final output is pass to the data center in common data format (CDF) which is in agreement to the MIO Sand other internationally accepted standards.

TM's Automatic Meter Reader is indigenously designed and developed at its research and development center in Hyderabad. It is a proven, rugged, compact, scalable and cost-effective product. TM has widely worked on various communication protocols as MODBUS, IEC, PROFIBUS and various other international standard protocols. TM has rich knowledge in embedded system based solutions addressing critical and real-time applications.

GSM/GPRS-P-(RTU) Functions

All functional capability define here in shall be provided by the Contractor even if a function is not initially implemented. As a minimum, the GSM/GPRS-P-(RTU) shall be capable of performing the following functions:

1)In-built protocol conversion and auto meter detection

2)Generating and monitoring alerts and alarms at the meter-end

3)Electrical Parameters

4)Generating and monitoring alerts and alarms at the meter-end

5)Monitoring of digital inputs like feeders status, etc.

6)Digital I/O for interfacing with external devices