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TM major advantage is existing PLC (power line communication) capability to transmit or receive data from any meter to the control room in a matter of seconds. TM Dynamic PLC implementation enables communication to distance of 2Km in on the existing Low Voltage Power Grid infrastructure.

PLC technology has been known for over four decades however it was never considered as a reliable method of transferring data. The electric power lines are a dynamic network changing its characteristics continuously. TM adaptive PLC technology involves sophisticated hardware and software solutions. The smart communication modules adopt their configuration to the living power line network. In its full Smart Grid solution, TM implements all types of today's most advanced communications as PLC, RF, GPRS, and RS485 etc. TM system is open standard based system able to integrate any third party meter manufacture into our system. The Network continuously checks the meters and concentrators. The system runs self tests all the time, to detect possible failures in the network.

Using PLC communication has the following benefits:

All functional capability described herein shall be provided by the Contractor even if a function is not initially implemented. As a minimum, the RTU shall be capable of performing the following functions:

1) Allows devices to communicate with each other through existing wiring.

2) Reduces installation costs

3) Requires no special maintenance of installation.

Most companies try to transmit the meter readings using long distance RF communication. TM takes the advantage of short distance between the electric power lines to any Water or Gas meter at the customer premises. The PLC/RF units enables a two way communication between the concentrator to the meters.. The unit uses unlicensed (ISM) RF frequencies and avoids high power RF transmission.