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The Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a communication unit and it works on 2.4GHz and sub-GIGA frequency. RS-232 output is available to interface with any of the remote installed machines.

Design Standards

The RTUs shall be designed in accordance with appropriate International Electro-technical Commission (IEC),American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE),and National Equipment Manufacturers association (NEMA) standards.

RTU Functions

All functional capability described herein shall be supported by the Contractor even if a function is not initially implemented. As a minimum, the RTU shall be capable of performing the following functions:

1) Acquiring parameters from the machine and transfer the same to the master unit / Control station for further analytics.

2) Receiving and processing digital commands from the master unit / Control station.

3)Use of IEC 802.15.4 protocol to communicate with the Master unit

4)RTU shall have the capability of automatic start-up and initialization following rebuilding of power after an outage without need of manual intervention. All restarts shall be reported to the connected master stations.

5)Internal battery backup to hold data in SOE buffer memory & also maintaining the time & date.

6)Further it should be attainable to have following capabilities in the FRTU by way of addition of required hardware limited to addition of I/O modules & communication card only & using the same firmware at later date.